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As a content marketing copywriter, I write engaging short and long-form copy (blogs, emails, newsletters, landing pages, ad copy, etc.) for major corporations — Walmart, Chipotle, Tyson Foods, Hilton, and more — to communicate their Guild education benefit, drive adoption, and ensure Guild's solutions deliver a compelling experience for adult learners.

5 Things to Know About Workplace Tech Trends — and How to Keep Up

The calculator. The computer. The Internet. Technology advancements have caused tremendous shifts in the workplace, including which jobs are available and how they’re performed. Today, changes in technology are only happening faster and with greater impact.

You see it in the self-checkout lane at the grocery store. You see it during your virtual visit with your doctor. You see it when you deposit a check to your bank account via your mobile phone.

Technology is not only changing the way we liv

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