About Me

About Me

I'm a highly experienced content marketing writer specializing in educational technology businesses — from startups to major corporations.

For the last eight years, I have contracted with tech businesses to produce B2B and B2C content, including blogs, social media, emails, articles, ad copy, landing pages, e-books, case studies, and whitepapers. I work cross-functionally to create engaging content to drive awareness and revenue at all sales funnel stages.

My journalism background allows me to find the human-interest angle and story that no AI tool can replicate. My master's in educational technology from Teachers College, Columbia University, and classroom experience give me a unique knowledge of the EdTech industry and the ability to speak the language that resonates most with educators.

Highly motivated and detail-oriented, I love crafting copy that informs and inspires. 

When I'm not writing about education, I'm fangirling my three incredible daughters, finding fire memes, rooting for the Mariners, and sometimes writing satire.