Canvas Learning Management System — Nurture Stream #2

This nurture stream targeted educators further in the sales funnel, while they are actively researching learning management systems (LMS) for their schools. 

Email #1

SUBJECT: What’s the Most Critical Element of a 1:1 Initiative?

PREHEADER: Find out from a director of edtech for the largest high school district in California.

HEADER: The Learning Management System — “More Critical” than the Device

When deploying 1:1 iPads for 44,000 students, the largest high school district in California took seriously their choice of LMS.

“The learning management system is, in my view, more critical than the device,” says David Damico, director of educational technology at Sweetwater Union High School District in Chula Vista, California.

The large district adopted Canvas as their LMS to centralize tools, streamline processes, and "accelerate the learning already happening in the classroom.”

Educators at Sweetwater Union call Canvas “intuitive,” “user-friendly,” and “dynamic.” Watch the video to see how choosing the right LMS is critical to a successful 1:1 initiative.

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Email #2

SUBJECT: 5 Must-Haves When Choosing an LMS

PREHEADER: Does your LMS measure up?

HEADER: 5 Must-Haves When Choosing an LMS

A dynamic, easy, reliable learning management system (LMS) is critical for every school. Now with the shift to online or remote learning, it’s non-negotiable.

As you plan for next year and beyond, it's a great time to consider all your LMS options.

Whether you're looking to switch, expand, or upgrade your existing digital learning environment, this on-demand webinar offers valuable insights and lessons learned from fellow school leaders. Tune in to find out the 5 must-haves when choosing an LMS.

<Watch the on-demand webinar>

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Email #3

SUBJECT: 13 Must-haves for Buying a K-12 Learning Management Platform

PREHEADER: Read our guide before you decide.

HEADER: Choosing an LMS: A Buyer’s Guide

Before committing to a new learning management platform, K-12 schools and districts have some serious homework to do. The learning management platform is at the center of a modern educational ecosystem, but achieving meaningful, long-term results requires much more than a financial investment.

Drawing on the experiences of K-12 schools and districts, this buyer’s guide summarizes key

considerations for choosing the right platform for your school or district.

The guide features:

  • Key questions to ask when considering a learning management platform
  • Recommendations for understanding how a platform works
  • Insight on how a company’s products and vision will translate into teaching and learning success
  • Tips for evaluating a learning management platform with stakeholders and organizing it around a timeline.

<Get the Guide>

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Email #4

SUBJECT: When Google Classroom Isn’t Cutting It. What Next?

PREHEADER: The case for using a comprehensive learning management system

HEADER: How Canvas Helped this Wisconsin District to “Learn Without Limits”

A few years ago, teachers in Oshkosh, Wisconsin used a variety of digital tools, juggled dozens of logins and cobbled together resources for their students and parents. Sound familiar?

Google Classroom helped centralize content a bit, but teachers said it was transactional, not transformational.

To streamline processes and customize their students’ learning experience, Oshkosh Area School District searched for a comprehensive learning management system to accompany their 1:1 initiative for 10,000 students.

After a year of piloting several options, they chose Canvas.

Find out why Canvas is an integral part of the district's “Learning Without Limits” initiative and why one teacher now sees “endless” potential in his classroom.

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Email #5

SUBJECT: Your Classroom, More Connected. Your Students, More Engaged. Want In?

PREHEADER: Ready to wrangle all your teaching tools and resources in one place? Let’s do this.

HEADER: The LMS that Makes Teaching and Learning Easier

Imagine all your teaching tools in one place. Imagine visualizing student learning in one place. Imagine administrator, student, parent communication in one place.

Canvas is the learning management system that’s easy to implement, easy to use, and easy to make your own. Our network of over 300 education technology partners and a community of almost 700,000 members can support your digital campus today and well into the future.

You know what works in your classroom. Let’s make it work even better.

Sign up for a free Canvas account to use with your students to simplify teaching and elevate learning.

Request a demo of the full Canvas platform, and we’ll schedule an expert to walk you through the software.

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