Canvas LMS Nurture Stream #1

This campaign targeted a broader audience and focused on Canvas LMS brand awareness. 

Email #1

SUBJECT: Simplify Your Teaching Tools with Canvas

PREHEADER: You know what works in your classroom. Let’s make it work even better.

HEADER: Canvas: An LMS that’s easy to make your own, easy to implement, and easy to use

Our goal at Canvas? Just make it simple. Educators juggle enough these days. Over 85% of teachers say they use digital learning tools at least a few times a week. Canvas K-12 LMS unifies those tools in one place. And with our network of more than 300 education technology partners and a community of almost 700,000 members, we’re ready to support your digital campus today and well into the future.

Canvas is easy to implement, easy to use, and easy to make your own. It allows individual students to work at a personalized pace; helps teachers track learning standards; and connects parents through automatic notifications. Modernizing your classroom with Canvas LMS means more time for doing what you do best — teaching.

Learn how Canvas can simplify and streamline the 21st-century classroom. Get to know Canvas K-12.

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Email #2

SUBJECT: What EdTech Company Employs the Most Educators?

PREHEADER: Hundreds of collective years of classroom experience = One awesome LMS experience

HEADER: Canvas: An LMS Built By Educators, For Educators

No one knows better what teachers need than those who have spent time in the classroom. That’s why Canvas employs the most educators of any edtech company in the market.

Collectively we draw upon hundreds of years of classroom experience to ensure we build the most effective product for you and your students.

What happens when you build an LMS by teachers for teachers? You create a product that’s easy to implement, easy to use, and easy to make your own. See how Canvas K-12 can simplify your classroom.

Canvas: Built By Educators, For Educators.

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Email #3

SUBJECT: 24/7 Learning for 20k students? How?

PREHEADER: How one large Texas district extends learning beyond the classroom with Canvas.

HEADER: Limitless Learning with Canvas

When students in one North Texas school district started asking for access to learning resources at home, administrators turned to Canvas LMS.

Allen Independent School District implemented Canvas for its 20,000 students and quickly saw the benefits of a 24/7 student-centered learning environment. Teachers were more organized. Absent students didn’t fall behind.

“What Canvas provided was this wonderful platform for quality instruction to happen all hours of the day,” says Susan Horowitz, principal at Ford Middle School. “That was eye-opening and lifesaving for a lot of teachers. They were able to see kids were asking about Canvas, ‘I need to get on Canvas in the mornings. I need to get on Canvas after school.’ The students were asking for it.”

See for yourself how providing a “one-stop shop” for your students can streamline your teaching and boost learning outcomes.

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Email #4

SUBJECT: What good is a free LMS if it’s not meeting your district’s needs?

PREHEADER: Find out how your LMS stacks up in this Workbook for K-12 Leaders

HEADER: The Hub of Learning: Choosing an LMS is No Small Decision

A learning management system (LMS) serves as the hub of creating a personalized teaching and learning experience, so choosing the right one is critical to building a rich tech ecosystem.

Do you know if your LMS is truly meeting your district’s needs? Do you have a free “LMS” that is only delivering half of what teachers and learners expect? Whether you want to know how your LMS stacks up or you’re ready to make a move, our Workbook can help.

The LMS Workbook for K-12 Leaders uses a hands-on approach to help you get the most out of your LMS experience. It will help you prioritize your efforts, get clarity on needs, and lead a district-wide implementation with fidelity.

By the time you go through these pages, you should feel confident that you’re on track to move forward with choosing your district’s LMS.

Download the Guide.

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Email #5

SUBJECT: 5 Reasons these California Teachers are Thrilled about Canvas in their Classrooms

PREHEADER: Educators who once feared technology are now embracing it with Canvas. Find out why.

HEADER: Helping Teachers Embrace Technology with Canvas

Implementing Canvas at Santa Ana Unified School District has simplified the teaching process and driven students’ learning experience into the modern age. Teachers and administrators alike told us why Canvas works so well for their district. Here are a few reasons:

  1. “This ability to bring the learning to the student rather than the student to the learning really resonates.”
  2. “It allows them to do their work anywhere, anyhow, anytime.”
  3. “It’s a system that truly focuses on the student first.”
  4. “They can use all the tools Canvas offers to go deeper into the material they study.”
  5. “It’s growing with us.”

Canvas is easy to implement, easy to use, and easy to make your own. Modernizing your classroom with Canvas LMS means more time for doing what you do best — teaching.

<Watch the Video> to see how Canvas helps teachers embrace technology.

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The Canvas Team